Great to see the enthusiasm spreading regarding the Lunar Eclipse!

    SPACE would like to have a big observing party in one or more prime locations of Delhi. We plan to have the lunar eclipse observing for the public and invite schools, institutions and media. At this event we also plan to invite media.

    We want the large gathering to enjoy sweets and food as part of the celebration! And then document if anyone suffers and ill effects for the next week! This will be a BIG EFFORT AT MYTH BREAKING, SO I REQUEST ASTRONOMICANS TO POOL TOGETHER SOME PEOPLE TO CONDUCT OBSERVING PARTIES FOR SPACE...

    Hello astronomicans,

    astronomicans are making records!!!! another asteroid discovered by our veteran astronomican Vikrant Narang and the SPACE scientific officers and educators!!!

    VTP0002 observed by V. Narang, T. Paranjape, & P. Srivastava on August 8th in image set 2010 PP2 has been designated as a newly-discovered asteroid 2010 PV57.

    A second asteroid discovery in that same image set is 2010 PU57, as observed by IASC astronomer Tom Vorobjov. Credit for this discovery is also shared with V. Narang, T. Paranjape, & P. Srivastava.

    The asteroids were discovered under the "All india astreoid search Campaign" programme in collaboration with IASC. I hope next year when we have the programme, more astronomicans would apply for the search!!!!
    Hello all,

    We have formed following group who will be doing the observation of meteors on 12th Night. Geminids meteor shower was successfully observed by group of 3 astronomicans in december 2009 and lets hope that the persieds observation would yield good observation results.

    Briefing would be done at the observation site at 8:00 pm

    Group 1
    Iram Ghufran
    Natasha Llorens
    Radhika Murthy

    Rohini Devasher
    Rohini Devasher-1
    Deepankar Gohain
    Goutam Ghosh

    Group 3
    Aastha Chauhan
    Rishabh Jain

    Group 4
    Prafull Sharma
    Ayush Raina
    Vishal Jindal
    Arjun Nair

    Group 5
    Shruti Das Gupta
    Puneet Bhatia
    chintan Gupta

    Group 6

    Nikita Vadhera
    Come August and we have one of the best annual celestial fireworks shows – Presides Meteor Shower. Right now the earth is passing through fragments and dust trails created by the comet swift Tuttle and this means the Perseids meteor shower has started and will be getting stronger each day until its peak on 12th August 2010. Only bad weather and clouds can deprive us from this wonderful display of fireworks from the skies. The presides Meteor showers of August is one of the most famous Astronomical Summer time events. Some call the presides "old Reliable" because every year it seems to deliver an extraordinary exhibit in the August skies. Let’s pack our bags and spend a night under the stars far away from city light.

    Also see the article about the presides in the file sections.
    As in our last meeting, astronomicans decided to go for observation, following are the details about the observation.

    Overnight observation of Presides Meteor Shower 2010

    Date: 12th August 2010
    Day: Thursday
    Venue: Sakaras, SPACE's new observation Site (120km from SPACE office)

    Astronomical Data for the site:
    Sunset                                                                    19:01pm
    Astronomical twilight ends                                    20:28pm
    Astronomical twilight begins                                 04:25am
    Assembly point:                                                     SPACE office
    Reporting time:                                                      2:30 pm
    Departure for site:                                                 3:30 pm
    Departure for SPACE office from the site:             6:00 am (13 aug)
    Arrival at SPACE office:                                          9:30 am
    Cost:                                                                        600 (approx)

    The cost includes the logistics at the site and the transportation which will depend on number of participants and will be either cab or bus. Food is not included in the cost.

    So what are you waiting for pick up bags and cameras, and chase the meteor shower!!

    Kindly confirm it before 9th August 2010 with Ms Shikha (9953419502).

    Note: The whole programme is weather dependent
    Date: 17th July 2010
    Venue: SPACE office
    Members Attended: 5

    1. Reports of events from previous month

    As June month was not conducive to astronomy we did not much report from Astronomicans, but AmanJot Arora (Vice President ) trying to collate the individual report by Tuesday.

    2. Evening observation/ night observation –

    Night Observation
    Date: 12th August 2010-07
    Venue: Sakaras, SPACE’s new observation Site (120km from delhi)
    Day: Thursday
    August's Perseids, we can witness up to 100 meteors an hour during peak activity.
    stay positive enjoy a great celestial event and most importantly, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP !!!( Subject to weather condition)

    Evening Observation
    Date: 24th july 2010
    Venue: SPACE office
    Attraction: Planets, Moon observation
    Note: It was decided, but considering the weather condition in this week, stands cancelled

    3. Astrophotography events

    SPACE creates opportunity for astronomicans to photograph crescent moon with the akshardham, lotus temple as background. After checking the coordinates or Moon and location of these temples, i propose the following dates:

    Crescent moon likely to be near/over Akshardham and Lotus Temple in coming months of 2010
    11 sep 19:45 IST (almost over the top of both temples)
    11 oct 20:05 IST (left to the both temples)
    09 nov 19:30 IST (left to the both temples)
    08 dec 19:20 IST (top of Akshardham and left top to lotus temple)
    alt/azimuth of the temples from vantage point
    akshardham 4.5 deg alt / 242 deg az
    lotus temple 8 deg alt / 245 deg az

    No need for permission from akshardham temple as we will be doing it from the road outside the temple premises. I have been in communication with Lotus temple authority and their response is positive, by next 2 weeks we should be having permissions.

    4. proposal of opening of radio astronomy

    Rishabh Jain , new member of astronomica proposed we should start a group inside astronomica present member agreed on this idea .Hence the chapter of Radio Astronomy by astrnomica was made.
    Rishabh Jain will be coordinating for this group. Aman , Suvriti are the members of this group.

    5. WebShow

    Last month webshow was cancelled due to the non reporting of Prafful Sharma who was supposed to host the show. Suvriti has been asked to volunteer for next webshow i.e.on 14th August 2010 @5pm. As one of our Space Nodal Center will be sending us the video of their activities which will be shown in this webshow.

    6.Roadside astronomy

    Due to monsoon .there is no chance of doing roadside astronomy till august so will start it in September.

    7.Individual projects

    If anyone is interested in Astronomy and Space Science projects to be done under the guidance of SPACE, they can be in touch with Astronomica coordinator with the following process:

    a) Application for the project
    b) Synopsis.

    If the synopsis are selected then will call for the further discussion of the project.

    8. Report on going on Asteroid search project

    On behalf of SPACE, I would like to congratulate aman, suvriti , Praful, srijan and Megha for dedicatedly working in Asteroid hunt. Five of them -confirmed NEO. I am sure these people will find a Main Belt Asteroid soon!!!!
    Hello Astronomicans,

    The meeting of Astronomica for july/August is on Saturday, i.e.,17th July, 2010, at the SPACE Office in Afternoon @4:30pm.

    Address: WZ-19, A3 Block, Asalatpur, Janakpuri, New Delhi-58.
    Its near Janakpuri West Metro station, and St. Marks School (C-1 Block).

    1. Reports of events from previous month
    2. Evening observation/night observation - dates to be decided
    3. astrophotography events in coming months - dates/venue
    4. proposal of opening of radio astronomy chapter
    5. Webcast - how to go about it in future?
    6. individual projects
    7. roadside astronomy
    8. report on going on Asteroid search project
    9. astrophotography slide show

    Hope this time some new member also join us for this meeting.
    kindly confirm your presence.
    1. Intro to light pollution - (5 mins)
    2. Who all are affected (ppt presentation) - (2-3 mins)
    3. What are things causing light pollution and how (ppt presentation) - (3-5 mins)
    4. How we people can reduce light pollution (slide show)- (2 mins)
    5. Star count intro and request - (5-6 mins)
    6. Poem - (1 min)
    7. Light pollution pics (with poem)
    8. An interview of any astronomican, Shashank Shekhar about light pollution – what it is? How he is     affected? What he has done to reduce its effects? What common man can do to reduce its effect?
    9. SHORT MOVIE- On how much people know about light pollution (interview of people)
    10. What all is in Night Sky from 15th may to 28th may

    All are requested to watch it!!!

    Link is given below:

    After having such a wonderful observation time to get together and discuss the further plans for June, so next meeting for astronomicans is scheduled on 29th may 2010 ,Coming Saturday. Following are the agenda for a meeting:
    1. Web show: Date for next web show , who will be the host and topic for the same.
    2. Activities for the next month
    3. Observation: will decide the venue, date for monthly observation
    4. Trip: will decide what date and venue for the trip.
    5. Review: will have review from members on last observation
    So will request all the members who were the part of 22nd May observation to be present in this meeting and share their experience and feedback too.

    So looking forward to a stimulating discussion on all above agenda .

    Kindly confirm your presence!!!.
    Hello astronomicans,

    The new comet McNaught (C/2009 R1) in the skies is visible in the early morning skies though at around 6 mag but it should be visible in binoculars and good object to shoot. I propose an observation on 11th June 2010 from Jewar, the observation site of SPACE, for which permission has been taken. Those who want to go for the observation should mail the confirmations in the group by morning of 11th. This observation is tentative and will only be confirmed once we have good number of people. For more details, look out for next msg.

    C B Devgun
    Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators
    National Coordinator, India, World Space Week
    09810226297, 09250901015
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