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SPACE LAUNCHER SERIES Aperture Range: 38mm - 176mm
Space Launcher Series Telescope in India
Space Launcher series is designed for first time buyers. With a range of refractor, reflector and Dobsonian telescopes to choose from, Space Launcher series is compact and portable. Space Launcher series comes with good optical performance to watch Moon’s craters, Saturn’s rings and brighter nebulae.
SPACE PROBE SERIES Aperture Range: 80mm - 127mm
Space Probe Series Telescopes India, Dobsonian Telescopes
Space Probe is the intermediate series of telescopes designed to give complete support to astronomers. With a range of advance mounts like GoTo and Equatorial, and high quality optics, Space Probe telescopes are ideal for anyone wanting to probe the night skies.
SPACE VOYAGE SERIES Aperture Range: 127mm+
Space Voyage Series Telescope Price in India
Space Voyage telescopes are a combination of high definition optics, advance GoTo and EQ mounts and optical designs. Thus making them a great tool in the hands of a serious astronomer. Space Voyage breaks all limits of night sky watching, whether it is deep sky exploration or Astrophotography.
OPTICAL TUBES Aperture Range: 80mm - 203mm
Telescope Optical Tube Price, Telescope India
Space OTAs are high end optical tube assemblies made to the best quality standard. With a range of optical systems, from Maksutovs to the high end ED refractors, the OTAs are compatible with almost all available mounts.
SPOTTING SCOPES Aperture Range: 60-70 mm
Online Telescope Spotting Scopes
A range of portable telescope with added optics to present an erect im age, optimized for the observation of terrestrial objects. They are used for birdwatching and other naturalist activities, for surveillance, and for any other applications that requires more magnification than a pair of binoculars. With variable Zoom eyepiece to give a range of magnifications.
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