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  • SPACE  is a non governmental voluntary organization working towards popularization of Science and Astronomy in India and abroad.

What is space nodal center ‘SNC’?

  • It is a body connected to SPACE in the form of  any school, college or institution within the country or abroad that contributes to the popularization of science and astronomy among the masses as per SPACE norms and is willing to work with SPACE in contributing towards overall scientific development of humanity .

What are the objectives/goals of SNC?

  • To inculcate scientific temperament and stimulate young people’s interest in science by making it interesting and enjoyable.
  • To advice, plan and execute various short and long term activities of SPACE as per its aim and objectives which has been envisaged for the public.
  • To work with SPACE in creating general awareness about science and astronomy by  conducting seminars, workshops, events, conferences, competitions and other activities for the teaching community, students, their parents and masses.
  • To help SPACE in understanding the local perspectives and requirements and design and implement new activities/programs as per the local needs.
  • To actively participate in the trainings and research and developmental activities of SPACE and facilitate participation of general public in competitions, programs and activities of SPACE.
  • SNC  has to act as the nodal point of information, interaction and dissemination of the information on science, astronomy & technology.
  • They are the science communicators for the remotest places in India and abroad.
  • To extend the reach of SPACE in realizing its aims and objectives by being pioneers in popularizing science and Astronomy.

What are the duties of SNC?

  • SNC will promote and do activities in its school/college/institution at its own cost.
  • SNC will hold at least one activity/event per month as per the activities/astronomy event list given by space.
  • SNC will be the nodal agency for collecting and distributing forms, information for SPACE's national level projects/events/competition. SNC will keep 10% of the fee collected from the participants for SPACE's national level projects/events/competition as facilitation fee for the working of SNC.
  • SNC will work in unison with the Regional centre of SPACE (SRE) for achieving aims and objectives of SPACE.
  • SNC will contact schools in nearby area and start the activities and events with those schools SNC will  be assigned a particular area to work. A city/town can have number of SNC depending on the city/town area.
  • SNC will put a board in a prominent position in its premises showing its affiliation with SPACE.
  • SNC will provide space and infrastructure for training of other nodal  centre resource persons.

What is the working of SNC?

  • SPACE will train a coordinator/coordinator teacher (CT) selected by the school/college/institution in basic of astronomy and related topics. Training will be done at SPACE headquarters in New Delhi and SNC will bear the traveling cost of the CT.
  • Cost of training at the site , the lodging/boarding expenses of the coordinator teacher (CT) will be borne by SPACE
  • The coordinator/coordinator teacher will be given a certificate on successful completion of the training and thus making him/her eligible to work in the SNC after being certified by SPACE.
  • SPACE will send a list of activities and coming astronomy events to the SNC and coordinator/coordinator teacher will be responsible for the  execution of the activities and events .SPACE will provide online support to the SNC for better conduction of the events/activities.

What are the benefits of being a SNC?

  • There is addition to the total education value
  • You become a partner in a pioneer concept in understanding science and astronomy.
  • Have an edge over others by creating scientific understanding among the masses especially the students.
  • Availing opportunity to participate and interact with peer group on national and international level.
  • Participate in national and international level workshops/projects conducted by SPACE.
  • Get international exposure through SPACE website, electronic, print media and newsletter.
  • Get latest updates and information about events and happenings around the world in the field of astronomy and space sciences.
  • Every year there will be different events/activities introduced to the school to keep the students abreast with the latest in astronomy, space science & technology.
  • Get support material to celebrate local/national/international events in science/astronomy/space sciences.
  • Free subscription to SPACE newsletter.

Who can become our SNC?

  • Any school/college/institution either being run by a society or by state or central government can be a SPACE nodal centre (SNC) by applying on prescribed affiliation form and paying an annual fee of Rs 3000/-
  • Allotment of SNC to a school/college/institution will  be done on a yearly basis and will be extended on the performance of the SNC.
  • Principal/coordinator/coordinator teacher for the nodal centre will be responsible for running of the SNC.

How to become a SNC?

  • You can visit our website at www.---------------- and download the application form .
  • Duly fill the form and send along with a cheque/demand draft payable at Delhi of Rs 100 to get the prospectus/information booklet and SNC affiliation form.
  • Duly fill the SNC affiliation form and send a cheque/DD payable at Delhi of Rs 3000/- as yearly membership in favour of SPACE along with profile of your school/college/institution, 2 photographs of SNC Coordinator (one photograph attested by the principal/institutional head), 2 photographs of school/institutional head(one photograph attested by gazetted officer), verified signature of coordinator/principal
  • Send us the list of school/college/institution promoters with their names and key positions
  • Send us profile of the coordinator endorsing his/her capability.
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