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Coordinator teacher's training workshop is going to be held from 23rd April to 25th April at Siriska, Rajasthan
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SPACE Nodal Centre (SNC) is a Unique platform for all schools and institutions which are willing to work with SPACE as well as want to contribute to the development of humanity by popularisation of science amongst masses especially the student community.
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Latest SNC Activities

International Dark-Sky Week
(Coordinators Teacher training at sariska from 23 to 25th april 09)

Total SNC participants were 8, however 2 dropped at the last minute and total  SNC that underwent the training workshop were 6 with 1 participant from each school, and 2 from Eklavya school. Hence, total number of participants for the workshop were 7.
The coordinator teacher's training workshop was conducted successfully.The session timing and contents of each session were as per itinerary.
During the workshop, they were shown astrophotography of the pole star and  they were keen to learn about astrophotography, which due to time constraints was not included in the training workshop.
The lodging was comfortable for all and no one had any complaints about food etc.
By the end of the session, they were all wanting the CD of the contents of the session of the training programme with emphasis on the basics in Astronomy, Sun motion animation, astrophotography of heavenly bodies with little write up on each.They suggested that knowledge enhancement through the program should be in printing and CD form.
They were keen on leo planetarium, telescopes and other workshops and will interact with me the SNC Coordinator in case they would like any of the above.
As a SNC Coordinator, interacting with all the SNC Members was an enriching experience as the were all interested in Astronomy and felt this workshop was indeed fruitful.
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Major Events

Heliodyssey 2009
Heliodyssey is a project of SPACE to follow the Total Solar eclipses all over the world and perform experiments. In this highly prestigious project, school students from all over India are selected through an online exam.
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100 Hours Of Astronomy
Subodh Public School, jaipur of event conducted for 100hours of astronomy writtent by coordinator teacher of the school: "recently we have organised a guest lecture of Prof.Ranjan Gupta (IUCAA Pune) Government of Rajasthan, Department of science and Technology Celebration of International Year of Astronomy 2009. The topic lecture was ASTRONOMICAL TELESCOPES FROM GALILEO TILL TODAY" Some Photos are attached with mail.
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