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(Chairman and Managing Director, SPACE)

Sachin Bahmba is an Indian born entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been a pioneer in introducing and revolutionizing the concept of spreading Astronomy and Space Science in every sector from education to tourism and has succeeded in creating a new business dimension in India. His effort has been instrumental in establishing India's largest private astronomy and Space Science Company.

He is also the largest non-government employer in the field of these sciences. His passion and vision to popularize science and spread scientific temperament among the masses, especially young minds, has led to the creation of the SPACE group of companies. His vision has been instrumental in the growth of SPACE, from the initiation of new programs in the education sector to the development of Astro-Tourism as a concept. Mr. Sachin Bahmba is a disciple of physics and hands-on science pedagogy; an educationist with more than 10 years of experience. He is also an avid amateur astronomer and wild life enthusiast. He is president of India Chapter of Space Tourism Society, USA. He is the Founder of Astronomica and Eca (Eclipse Chasers Athenaeum.

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