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SPACE Foundation

SPACE Group was formed in 2001 with the aim of changing science and astronomy education and the edu-entertainment landscape in the world, through path breaking and innovative concepts, services and programs.
SPACE has combined business with the noble and philanthropic cause of science popularisation, as we truly believe that businesses should work in the larger interest of the society, as social and scientific development leads to the progress and development of mankind at large.

The following companies are various wings of the SPACE Group –

  • ● SPACE Technology & Education Pvt Ltd runs hands-on astronomy & space science based education, consultancy and training services.
  • ● Astro Tourism India Pvt Ltd is the tourism wing. It engages in tourism services and adventure expeditions tied in with sky observing, for astronomy enthusiasts. Tours includes popular school tours to NASA. We also operate a luxury camp and observing site at Sariska open to all equipped with tents and organic farm. The packages include recreation, night sky observing and safari. Find out more
  • ● Gnomon Astrotech Pvt Ltd markets Astronomical equipment such as telescopes and binoculars and the products researched & developed by SPACE, such as Astronomy Games, Gadgets, Educational Aids and a lot more. Find out more
  • ● SPACE Foundation is a non-profit society working for Science popularisation and outreach & towards building scientific temper in the community. Find out more
  • ● Leo Planetaria manufactures digital planetarium & software for fixed and mobile platforms. Find out more
  • ● SPACE Earthnauts is a specialized education, exploration and adventure tourism based branch of SPACE Group of companies, which is introducing concepts of education and learning of new skills through its out of the box and innovative travel programs. Find out more
  • ● Space Arcade is the company's flagship retail outlet running across India, since January 2010, through an exhaustive network of dealers and distributors. Find out more
  • ● Eclipse Chasers Athenaeum (ECa) is a forum that brings together astronomers and eclipse chasers to facilitate discussion and planning for viewing eclipses.
  • ● Astronomica is the amateur astronomers' wing of SPACE, and a forum for amateurs and professionals with a passion for Astronomy. Find out more

Companies in SPACE Group