Various programs and concepts developed for catering to different segments of the society:

Programs for schools and educational Institutes:

  • Annual Courses/ Modules
  • Projects competitions in science and astronomy
  • Astronomy Labs
  • Power science teaching workshops and Teacher training programs
  • Career counseling through teachers
  • Projects and weekend/ holiday trips of schools students within India and abroad.
  • Astronomy Olympiad
  • Student science congresses.
  • Science shows
  • Seminars, conferences, workshops, collaboration in larger projects
  • Drawing competitions
  • Quiz
  • Support Material for science teaching
  • To develop ways to use your school building and other infrastructure as science teaching aids

Programs for masses:

  • Telescope making workshop.
  • Sky Observations.
  • Star parties.

Specific University Programs:

  • Science Research.
  • Career Counselling in Astronomy.
  • Research Funding for scholarship.
  • Online Courses.

Employment Generation Programs and Trainings:

  • Astronomy certificate Courses.
  • Science teaching courses.
  • Placement services.
  • Training and employment generation for the rural youth.
  • Senior Citizens : As a resource.
  • House Wives: Training Program, Resource.


  • Corporate astronomy membership programs.
  • Scientific project consultancy.
  • Stress management through astronomy.
  • Setting up of Nodal centers.
  • Creating new entrepreneur opportunities.
  • Involvement in various projects and collaboration for benefit of the society.

NGO’s and other institutions & RWA’s:

  • Collaboration participations in projects.
  • Setting up Nodal centers.
  • Planetarium and observatory.
  • Other science programs, workshops, seminars and projects.


  • Income Generation through telescope observations and tourism.
  • Science education facility creation.
  • Rashtriya Gram Vigyan Paryojna.

Other Programs:

  • Space Nodal Centre
  • Skill Development workshops
  • Stress-busting workshops
  • Creating opportunities of Astro tourism in India and focusing state governments in this direction
  • Astro-Tourism packages (standard/customised) [Holiday & Weekend packages.
  • Creating new software and digitalizing science education in India.
  • Astro Park, Observatories and Planetarium.
  • Online Community
  • Collaboration with media for creating a scientific aware society and production of better and more science   programs.
  • Creation of infrastructure for scientific Advancement and astronomical research in India
  • Super Specialty Science Schools and Colleges in India.
  • Astronomy Equipments.
  • Multimedia presentations of astronomy like life of Sunita Williams etc.
  • Space Activity centre of astronomy
  • To organize lectures and workshops of renowned Astronomers, Astronauts, Scientists and other Science personalities


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