Astronomy Consultancy Services: Our team of highly skilled scientific experts, astronomers, educationists and project managers provide unmatched consultancy in the field of the following:

Astronomy Education: We mentor Indian schools on astronomy and space science hands on education. The education programs are specially designed for Indian K-12 education system. The programs support schools in Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) and highlights STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) concepts, due to the specific nature of the subject Astronomy, that can be applied to education in various holistic aspects.

Hospitality: We consult with hotels and resorts in establishing a new type of ecological hospitality which brings new experiences to visitors with Astronomy themed resorts and outdoor adventure activities tied in with night sky guided observing within the campus of the hotel property etc. The emphasis is on learning about sky and nature, appreciation of environment and ecology, use of sustainable technology and harmonious living with nature. Our planning rests upon principles of sustainability and we aim to contribute to the bigger movement of energy conservation and eco-tourism worldwide.

Science City/Centre: Our panel of experts can provide expert opinions on a Master Plan and Feasibility Report for development of a Science City or Center in a city or state in India. The consultancy is woven around imparting concepts in key areas such as Institutional Planning, Concepts to be employed, Scientific Exhibit and Design Analysis, Public Program Plan, Human Resources and Facility Strategy etc.

Astronomy projects: We provide step by step advice on all range of astronomy, from simple to complex projects for school, college, elementary, middle school students for various space science projects, assignments and competitions.