SPACE India is glad to bring to you the International Competition “Draw me a Neutrino” in collaboration with KM3NeT

KM3NeT is the biggest European research project in the field of Neutrino astronomy, currently setting up a vast research infrastructure in the Mediterranean Sea. Neutrinos, little neutral particles in Italian, can tell us about some of the most secretive corners of the universe. Furthermore, they still hold secrets themselves on their true nature. The mission of KM3NeT is to unveil all these mysteries.

Every astronomy enthusiast is searching for one or the other platform to showcase their skills, and we feel this can be a wonderful opportunity for the schools associated with us to not only improve their scientific skills but also to unleash their creativity in the field of astronomy and astrophysics by participating in this competition.

SPACE India is the regional coordinator for the event.

Looking forward to your active participation with SPACE in this competition to stimulate the students in science.

What to do? We need you to draw a neutrino! How does it look like? Which shape, color, and texture does it have? How do you picture it in your mind?

Who all can participate? The competition is divided in three categories:

  • If you are a budding scientist, you will imagine how an electron neutrino like is.
  • If you know that physics is a combination of cool equations and exciting experiments plus a bit of headache (let’s be honest, it happened to all of us), you are in charge of drawing a muon neutrino
  • If your last science lecture was already some time ago (no worries, we won’t ask how long), we invite you to tackle the tau neutrino. (Such categories correspond, respectively, to children, teenagers, and adults.)


  • Be sure to respect the theme of your age group!
  • Group ‘electron neutrino‘: pre-schools and primary schools
  • Group ‘muon neutrino‘: secondary schools
  • Group ‘tau neutrino‘: adults

Important Points:

  • One submission per person. You will have to pick your best idea to be sent to us.
  • Be original, don’t copy, we will love your own work better than any other one.
  • While mentioning your school name during the registration write SPACE India. For e.g.: Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura-SPACE India.

Link of registration:

Deadline: Be sure to send us your drawing so that we receive it before June 30, 2020!

To know more about Neutrinos:

Unravel the mysteries of neutrinos by choosing from the articles below (you can proceed in any order you wish):

If you are a winner of the international contest:

  • You will be entitled to give your name (or propose a name of your choice) to one of the under-sea sensors of KM3NeT.
  • Your drawing will be part of the exhibition of Art&Science across Italy in fall 2020 at the National Archaeological Museum in Napoli (Italy).
  • You will receive an iPad allowing you to check KM3NeT events!
  • Furthermore, your drawing may be used on KM3Net website, SPACE India website, Universe in the School website and social media accounts.

Deadline: Be sure to send us your drawing so that we receive it before June 30!