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Steps To be Followed

Prioritising your safety at your workplace
Steps Taken/General Guidelines

Prioritizing your safety at your workplace

From increased sanitization to spaces modified for distancing, we’ve enhanced our health and safety standards to our office premises.

Steps Taken/General Guidelines

The measures required to be followed by all for safety of all the people with the office premises are:

● Maintaining physical distancing of at least one meter
● Mandatory covering face with masks,
● Frequent hand washing and use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers,
● Respiratory etiquettes to be followed to prevent spread and dispose of used tissues properly,
● And Self-monitoring by persons within office and reporting any illness at the earliest.
● These measures are important to prevent the spread and maintain health & safety of everyone at the workplace.
● Any staff/employee suffering from flu-like illness should not attend office and also seek help from the local health authorities.
● If such a person is a suspect or diagnosed with the disease then, it is mandatory for such person to inform the office authorities immediately.
● Furthermore, any staff if residing in containment zones shall be allowed to work from home after proper approval of his/her reporting head.
● All reporting heads are required to give the modified seating arrangement of their team members to Admin whenever the office reopened 2 days before.
● Employees resuming office shall get their COVID test done. Report of 72 hrs will be acceptable by the authorities to allow you to resume to office regularly. Any failure will attract absenteeism accordingly.
● Co-operating in getting thermal scanning, and sanitisation at the entry. Employees having flu-like symptoms to take proper treatment and quarantine.
● Discourage visitors in the office complex and suspend the issue of routine visitor/temporary passes.
● Visitors having appropriate permission should only be allowed after screening.
● Encourage correspondence on official emails and avoid sending and receiving physical copies.
● Facilitate delivery and receipt of mail at the entry point of the office itself.
●Ensure proper cleaning and frequent sanitization of workplace and frequently touched surfaces.
● All employees have to sit on their designated seat and no one will leave their seat without valid reason.
● Self-monitoring by employees and informing employers if feeling unwell.
● Sanctioning leaves whenever a request is made for self-quarantine of any employee for precaution.

# Dos Dont's
1 Wear a face mask while coming to office • Shake hands.
2 Carry a soap paper, small soap bar or an alcohol-based hand sanitiser to office • Close contact with anyone, if you are experiencing cough or fever.
3 Maintain personal hygiene and physical distancing. • Avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
4 Frequent handwashing even though they are visibly clean. Use of alcohol based hand rub. Sneezing or coughing directly in your palms.
5 Follow Coughing etiquettes. • No biometric attendance
6 Throw used tissues in closed bins. • Spitting in public.
7 Safe distance from persons while interacting. • Spreading rumours or panic.
8 No coughing directly on your palm. • Avoid sitting in groups at lunch, and eat separately for the time being.
9 Regular temperatures and check respiratory symptoms.
10 See a doctor if you are unwell.
11 • In case of any symptoms showing contact the helpline number provided by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
12 • Attendance should be marked on Lark

What measures are to be taken if any of the employees show symptoms of COVID – 19? Even after practicing social distancing, keeping the premises sanitized there still exists a possibility that cases of employees suffering from COVID - 19 can arise. Therefore, during such period it is necessary to;

● Place the ill person in a 204 room on the 2nd floor of the office and provide a mask/cover till doctor examination..
● Risk assessment to be undertaken by everyone at office and advice regarding the the need for disinfection to Ms Jyoti Sharma or Mr. Pradeep Bahmba.
● If any employees suspects any mild symptoms it is important for him/her to follow the Guidelines for Home Isolation of very mild/pre-symptomatic COVID–19 cases issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
●If the suspect case is detected to be ranging from moderate to severe, the Guidance document on appropriate management of suspect/confirmed cases of COVID – 19 issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare shall be followed.
●A necessary action for contact tracing and disinfection of workplace to be started after the employee has tested positive.